How We Train People

Each client is taken through a functional movement assessment  by a certified FMS specialist. This helps us determine if there are any muscle, posture and joint imbalances or weaknesses  that need to be corrected before we begin a program. After your movement assessment we  can determine which personal training program works  best for you.

Our programs include our 28 Day Challenge program for fast weight loss and body transformation in 28 days. Our 360 Personal Training Protocol, for clients who want a total body, lifestyle training program with measurable benchmarks and goals.  Finally our cutting edge, Genetic Personal Training Protocol helps us customize your workout according to your unique DNA profile. We are the first boutique in New York to partner with London based DNAFit offer this truly personalized personal training program. Scroll down to learn more about all of our programs.

We also offer residents of Soho and  NYC the opportunity to train at home, in their apartments or building gym.

The 28 Day Challenge | Maximum Results Minimal Time

If you want fast results try The 28 Day Challenge (D28) is the program for you. D28 is a cutting edge fusion of interval training, weight training and body-sculpting techniques that have produced jaw-dropping results in only 28 days! The science-based, clinically proven techniques used in this program are used by Olympians, professional athletes and bodybuilders. Program includes: This program is also available via DVD

  • Either 4 sessions per week for 4 weeks (28 days) or 4 sessions per week for 7 weeks (28 sessions-recommeded for women)
  • 3 Day fat loss acceleration plan.
  • Meal Plan (Vegan plan available)
  • Online workout support and solutions.
  • Maintenance meal plan for after your 28 day challenge is completed.

Genetic Personal Training Protocol

Welcome to Robert Brace’s Genetic Training Protocol (GPTP.) This groundbreaking new program takes the guesswork out of personal training and enables us to customize your workout and diet program according to your unique, genetic profile and your genetic response to various exercise and diet protocols. Learn More Here.

360 Personal Training Protocol

This program is for clients who want a complete, total body training program with measurable benchmarks and goals. The program has three, six to twelve week phases.

Stage One: Posture Enhancement, Corrective Exercise & Core Strength

We begin with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to identify any muscle weakness, imbalances or structural misalignments. You will receive the results of your screen via pdf. We will then develop a training program according to our findings. Core strength and stability will also be developed. At the end of this phase you will be able to perform these five functional bodyweight exercises with correct alignment.

  • Squat: 3 Progressions
  • Lunge: 3 Progressions
  • Push Up: 2 Progressions
  • Plank: 4 Progressions
  • Bird Dog: 2 Progressions
  • TRX Lat Pull: 2 Progressions

** If more help is needed during this phase our in-house Physical Therapist, Dr. David Jou is available for treatment and A.R.T massage.

Stage Two: Muscle Building & Interval Training

Now that you’ve mastered the bodyweight and functional movement basics, weight straining basics and interval training principles are introduced and developed during this phase. At the end of this phase you should be able to:

  • Bench Press 65%-85% of your bodyweight.
  • Perform 5-10 chin-ups with clean posture.
  • Hold a plank position for 1-1.5 minutes.
  • Squat 65%-85% of your bodyweight.
  • Complete two Tabbata intervals in a one hour session.
  • Perform three sets of 15-25 push ups.

Stage Three: Athletic Strength & Endurance

During this phase you will perform more complex weight training, athletic/functional movements. Our trainers will begin to push your strength and endurance training to an advanced level for your body. Goals and benchmarks are discussed with your trainer at the beginning of this phase.

In Home Training & Wellness Concierge Services

Workout in the comfort of your own home! Our instructors will come to you. Our staff includes yoga, pilates, fitness instructors, masseuses and physical therapists. Learn More Here

Take Us With You

All of our programs are  include online support. We have over 1000 predesigned online  workouts and classes to keep you on track when you travel or cant get to train with us in person.