Meet with your personal wellness liaison and select a team of fitness professionals who are perfectly suited to get you to your fitness goals.


Conveniently work with your personal trainer at home using customized fitness plans intricately personalized for optimal performance and efficiency.


We make it happen. Have your total body transformation delivered to your door and look better and feel healthier than ever before.



Distinguished Professionals

Train with elite fitness professionals who have prominent careers competing as, performing as, or training world class athletes. Vastly experienced and highly educated, our fitness professionals specialize in a wide array of modalities, including fitness training, yoga, pilates, meditation, massage and physical therapy. Your fitness professional will deliver the superior instruction, guidance and motivation you need to get stronger, skinnier, and healthier, quickly and effectively, all done in the convenience of your home.

Your personal trainer is chosen from an elite group of professionals which include Olympians, career athletes, and professional dancers who are also highly accomplished in their level of education, training and credentials (which extend far beyond the typical personal trainer’s license.) Further distinguished by an exclusive list of clientele, your personal trainer will deliver the most superior fitness training available.
Your fitness professionals have been thoroughly vetted, passing background checks and screening processes to verify their education, credentials, previous client satisfaction, and experience as a personal trainer to ensure you feel completely secure and comfortable getting in shape at home.


Nutrition Made Simple

One of our professional nutritionists or dietitians will join your fitness team to offer insightful consultation to transform the way you think about food. Collaborate in person or phone with your nutritionist to develop a personalized eating plan that is specifically optimized to enhance your efforts and attain your fitness goals.

Your personal nutritionist will provide insightful consultation to transform the way you think about food, identify any emotional challenges that are keeping you from eating healthy, and guide you through any lifestyle changes that might be necessary to maintain your total body transformation.
Essential to any fitness program is an eating plan that is primed to fuel the body, not starve it. Your certified nutritionist or dietitian will offer expert consultation to transform the way you think about food, and collaborate with you on developing a personalized eating plan, that is tailored to your genetic profile. Get delicious recipes for customized meals, or for the ultimate convenience, get prepared meals delivered to your door step. Transforming your body through a healthy eating plan has never been so easy.


Personalized Fitness Plan

Develop a personalized fitness plan using one of our scientifically developed programs. Our programs utilize individual data metrics to ensure you receive the personal insight and instruction you’ve been lacking in your previous attempts to attain, and maintain, a total body transformation. Whether you want to be skinny or sculpted, tone up or bulk up, you can finally actualize your transformation by following a fitness plan that is individually calibrated and customized for your success.

It doesn’t get more personal than this. Our Genetic Training Protocol (GTP) program takes the guesswork out of personal training by customizing your fitness plan according to your unique genetic profile. Personalized down to the very details of your DNA, the GTP program offers individual fitness plans that can be accessed on line or delivered and implemented in person by members of your wellness team. See results faster as you train smarter and more efficiently than ever before by following a fitness plan designed specifically for your body. Learn more.
Using your unique genetic profile, a customized meal plan will be developed that is biologically primed for your body. Customized to your DNA, your nutritional meal plan reveals which diet will trigger the most weight loss, or stimulate the most muscle gain. Discover which foods you are predisposed to over-eat and which nutrients your body needs more of. Cook your own customized meals with recipes prepared to the specification of your GTP results, or make eating healthy simpler than ever with customized meals prepared and delivered to your doorstep. Learn more.

Fast track your total body transformation with the 28 Day Challenge, the fitness program hailed by Olympians, career athletes, professional dancers, and competitive body builders. D28’s unrivaled effectiveness is delivered using a scientifically formulated fusion of interval training, weight training, body-sculpting techniques and nutrition, clinically proven to trigger dramatic weight loss and stimulate impressive muscle gain, in as little as 28 days.

• Either 4 sessions per week for 4 weeks (28 days) or 4 sessions per week for 7 weeks (28 sessions- recommended for women)
• 3 Day fat loss acceleration plan.
• Meal Plan (Vegan and non-vegan plans available)
• Online workout support and solutions.
• Maintenance meal plan for after your 28 day challenge is completed.
• Vegan and non-vegan options available.

Clinically designed to improve posture, alignment and functional core strength, 360 Functional Movement Training is a personalized fitness program that uses functional movement screening to identify your individual imbalances or weaknesses. You will receive a report with data used to formulate a customized program to be implemented by your personal trainer to correct any imbalances, strengthen any weaknesses, and build your functional strength.

360 Functional Movement Training is a valuable asset in any personalized fitness plan, but is especially effective for improving overall performance among career or competitive athletes, and beneficial as a pain management exercise program focused on getting rid of back pain and reducing the chance of activity related injury.



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